Optimizing Canada's Innovation Assets

About Us

The CPTC functions as a collaborative science, technology and research hub that supports the alignment of scientific research and technology development to sector priorities.
By uniting researchers, government, and all those involved in the pipeline industry, we provide access to the resources they need to maximize environmental, economic and social benefit.

Our Mandate

Increasing major efficiencies in investment at all stages of technology development.
Reducing time to develop and implement technology solutions.
Increasing Industrial Competitiveness across all aspects of the supply chain.
Building capacity and capability to further develop the talent pool of High Quality People.
Enhancing visibility and focus on pipeline technology and innovation priorities and advancements for stakeholders.
Our program approach focuses on sector-wide priorities and needs ensuring we facilitate and accelerate complementary investments by all stakeholders.
Safer pipelines, a stronger work force and a world leading supply chain necessary to ensure Canada as a global leader in pipeline technology and operations.


Determine Priorities

The CPTC works to continuously engage stakeholders to ensure we understand their respective science, technology and innovation priorities.

Create Programs

Collaborations are built based on priorities. Priorities are turned into programs to ensure investment is targeted at priority areas. Programs are developed and projects are created within programs to ensure continuous improvement.

Enable Our Assets

To ensure Canada is maximizing its investment in science, technology and innovation, the CPTC works to ensure our pipeline sector utilizes the existing capacity and works to support building capacity where gaps exist.


We work with the CPTC Academic Research Collaborators, Applied Research and Development Network and Commercialization Partners to solve our largest challenges.

Founding Partners

Canadian Association Of Petroleum Products

The CPTC provides the opportunity for optimization of the existing assets and ongoing investments made in pipeline technology development across the country.